Car Troubles — Wee Daily Three

Today’s wee daily three is warning me of car troubles… or perhaps some other court action or summons resulting from a problematic vehicle!


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is Bad:

B, R, B – A temporary rest or respite; appearances can be deceiving so don’t let your guard down!

Rule 2 – Suits:

S, D, S – A troubled (S, S) purse (D).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

2, 6, 4 – Exchanges (2), Paths (6), Stability (4)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

2 of Spades – Conflict; Argument; An inability to get along; Separation

6 of Diamonds – Distance, in general, that is someone or something at a distance; A car; Steps toward a financial goal; investments

4 of Spades – Instability; An uneven temper; A problem that you cannot solve or get away from (it hems you in on all four corners); Exhaustion because of steady pressure against you; “Sick and tired” of it all; Unfairness or injustice; A parking ticket or speeding ticket; A summons, lawsuit, or court or law; The Armed Forces, in general


Problems with a car (combination of 2S and 6D) resulting in a parking or speeding ticket (4S)!

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