Thankful — Wee Daily Three

I have been working a lot lately on a memorial service for a family member; and it has brought some of the farthest reaching branches of our family tree together…


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

B, R, R – A problem or issue is resolved, things steadily improve.

Rule 2 – Suits:

C, H, H – Working (C) in the right direction for emotional success (H, H).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

K, J, 3 – Men and/or Power (K), Youths and or Messages (J), Things Growing (3)

Rule 4 – Card Descriptions:

K of Clubs – A man of darker coloring or a business man; A practical man, A boss or a superior; Sometimes a Grandfather when surrounded by Hearts; Practical power or the power to progress, to get things done

J of Hearts – A youth of medium coloring or an emotional, dreamy youth; Sometimes a beloved pet; A youth that is fun and merry-making who sometimes acts foolishly; A message from a loved one or a friend, a compliment, a “thank-you” or a small gift to show appreciation; Being asked out on a date

3 of Hearts – Fertility; A child, or children in general; Decorating or adding beauty to something; An emotional bond growing, little by little; A love triangle


My Grandfather (combination of KC and Hearts) is thankful ((JH) for the work that has been recently accomplished; which results in strengthening family bonds (3H).

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