Wish Fulfilled — Wee Daily Three

I have so many different ventures that today’s wee daily three could apply too; only time will tell the entire tale!


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

B, B, R – A light at the end of the tunnel.

Rule 2 – Suits:

S, C, H – A problem (S) is easily (H) solved on a work or personal project (C).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

3, J, 9 – Things Growing (3), Youth and/or Messages (J), Changes (9)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

3 of Spades – Problems adding up; Small aggravations; Interference from a third party; Loss, something lost

J of Clubs – A youth of darker coloring or a practical, efficient youth; A youth active in endeavors like sports, clubs or volunteering; An apprentice; A message concerning a business venture or some practical matter

9 of Hearts – The “Big Wish Card”, Change for the better; The Client’s wish will come true, whether known or unknown; A change of heart


A message (JC) concerning a delay or a problem (3S) that is overcome with the assistance of a business associate (combination of JC and 9H) resulting in a “wish” fulfilled (9H).

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