Career Move — Wee Daily Three

My husband has been thinking about making a career move; and with this economy it has been weighing on my mind!  I see that today’s cards are telling me to trust…


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

R, R, B – A problem is on the horizon.

Rule 2 – Suits:

H, D, C – Sharing (H) the fruits (D) of one’s labor (C).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

8, A, 8 – Thoughts (8), Beginnings (A), Thoughts (8)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

8 of Hearts – Thoughts about love or emotional thoughts; A group of people celebrating; Festive atmosphere, party, or sometimes a wedding; “Raised cups,” social drinking; Flirtatious conversations; A social club

A of Diamonds – Money; Letter; Something new, generally connected with finances; Fire; a diamond ring

8 of Clubs – Thoughts about work; Work or career, in general; Business conversations, sometimes a job interview; Company or corporation; Labor union; Practical plans


Celebrating (8H) new financial opportunities (AD) connected with work or career; perhaps news leading to a job interview (8C).

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