What Falls to the Floor… – Readings

What do you do when cards fall to the floor while you are shuffling the deck?  Do you tuck them back into your deck and go about your task?  Do you stop and consider which cards have slipped out of your hands before your very eyes?  I was taught that what “falls to the floor comes to your door.”  I think of it as an assertion of the message, maybe not the entire message but a definite and important part of the reading.

Perhaps the fallen cards can lend some depth on a daily three or add the dimension of mood or time to an event or happenstance.  Some readers even consider if the cards have fallen far or near, or face up or face down.  I have learned to set the cards aside and weave them in as the reading calls; they will often add a detail that was a surprise to both you and the Querent.

Cross My Palm with Silver — Readings

Do you charge something in exchange for readings?

I do not read professionally for strangers, neither did any of the women in my family.  We did however, still “charge” something for readings.  Even today when I read for a friend I expect that a small token, as little as a quarter piece, be placed on the deck before I begin.  The Seeker holds the money between the thumb and index finger of their right hand (no matter which is dominate) and then crosses the cards.

If something is given that can’t be held in the hand for the crossing, say a cup of coffee or a crocheted blanket (yep, some of the items I’ve received), the Seeker still crosses the cards.  This exchange is not to “make money” from the reading, it is to balance out the exchange of energy — the Querent gives something in exchange for the reading.  This is another one of those traditions that I can’t explain, I only know that it is the way that I was taught when I was young.

*Update 7/22 – I should clarify that there are two different “crossings” going on here, one as a blessing for the reading and the other as an exchange for services.

What are your thoughts on charging for readings?  Do you “charge” friends and family?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Getting In the Mood — Readings

So have you gleaned enough from the cards to try a few readings? How about for yourself, family or a few friends?  The best way to get started is to jump right in!  But first, let’s talk about setting the mood, I’m not talking about anything overly dramatic… What you are going for is an atmosphere of peace and tranquility so that you may better concentrate and channel your higher consciousness.

Here are some tips from the venerable cartomancer-to-the-stars Louise Woods for getting into the mystical mood, whether reading for yourself or someone else:

1. Light a few candles – either pink or white will do nicely.  They are highly spiritual colors.

2. Incense?  Of course.  Make it fragrant but not cloyingly so.  Use only enough to gently cleanse the air around you.

3. If you want music, listen to whatever relaxes you before the reading.  Music during a reading, even soothing New Age music, can be distracting.

4. No need to dim the lights or shut the blinds unless you’re worried about the guy with the telescope across the way.

5. Sit comfortably, regally if you must.  Keep both feet on the floor; no need for cross-legged contortions. It could block psychic energy flow.  Remember, you want to be able to reach the cards easily and see them clearly.

6. If you think they may pose a problem, gently banish the kids and pets to another room.  Now let’s put a solid-colored cloth on the table, a glass of water on the side, some fresh flowers if you’d like, and we’re all set.

And remember this: I’m all for fun and games, not compulsion or unnatural bonding to a deck of cards.  You provide the insight; they provide the tool to help focus your consciousness.