Clubs shall mean work, callings, and plans…

Ace of Clubs

Aces are beginnings because they begin each suit…

A new duty, task, goal, or opportunity.
Health = The muscular system, in general.
Traditional meaning – A goal or opportunity.

Two of Clubs

Twos naturally suggest pairings and exchanges…

A helping hand.  Business partnership.  A doubling of something or a repeated cycle.
Health = Hands.
In combination with A – Duplex.

Three of Clubs

Threes are the number of growth, the third thing produced from the union of two things…

A practical development.  Moving forward, progress bit by bit.  Extra work or duties.  A temporary job. Part-time work.  A garden or gardening. Herbs.  Crops, in general.
Traditional meaning – Good luck or fortunate circumstances (three leaf clover).
Health = Smaller muscles.
In combination with A – Garden or a hallway (moving forward in a temporary way).

Four of Clubs

Fours remind us of the stable, unchanging solid table…

Goals are on a firm footing.  Job security.  Boredom at work.  Plowing or plodding along.  Land or field or farm.  “The Country”, in general.  An outside building or place.  A desk.
Health = Feet.
In combination with A – Den, 4 may also be present if a place where financial documents are kept.

Five of Clubs

Fives are the body because we have five appendages (arms, legs, and head)…

Exercise.  Sports.  Hobbies.  Craftsmanship (making practical things by hand).  Working hard, nose to the grindstone.  Determination.
Health = Adrenals.

Six of Clubs

Sixes are a path because the way the pips are arranged on the cards makes them look like paths… 

Business trip.  Steps toward a business goal.  Education, learning, teaching.  Reading, books.
Health = Legs.
In combination with A – Stairs.

Seven of Clubs

Sevens are troubles because there is a blockage added to the path of the sixes as you look at the pips of the cards…

Trouble at work or some practical problem.  The power of chance, happenstance, in general.  A charm, talisman, spell, or other work of magic.  The power to make things happen by magic.
Health = General soreness.

Eight of Clubs

Eights are ideas and thoughts in the mind because eight is traditionally the number of the mind…

Thoughts about work.  Work or career, in general.  Business conversations, sometimes a job interview. Company or corporation.  Labor union.  Practical plans.
Health = Lungs.
In combination with A – Home office.

Nine of Clubs

Nines show changes because the number nine is related to the Moon, which is ever fluctuating… 

A change of job or business methods.  A change in goals or priorities.  Going back to work.  A change taking place at work.
Health = Glandular system.

Ten of Clubs

Tens show ends or goals achieved because they end the number sequence before a new cycle starts.  A ten is almost an ever-renewing influence, so whatever its suit, it shows that influence at a pinnacle almost continually…

A great deal of work to do.  Work piling up.  The completion of a practical project – whether associated with work or a hobby.  Achievement, in general.   Journey by air, an airplane.
Health = Larger muscles.
In combination with A – Roof or attic.

Jack of Clubs

Knaves (Jacks) as messages or a child of either gender…

A youth of darker coloring.  A practical, efficient youth.  A youth active in endeavors like sports, clubs, or volunteering.  An apprentice.
A message concerning a business venture or some practical matter.

Queen of Clubs

Queens are as women and truths…

A woman of darker coloring.  A business woman, career-oriented. Boss or superior.  A practical, efficient woman.  A woman active in practical affairs. If with hearts, sometimes the Seeker’s grandmother.
The truth of a business matter.

King of Clubs

Kings are of men and power…

A man of darker coloring.  A business man, work-oriented.  Boss or superior.  A practical, efficient man.  A man active in practical affairs.  If with hearts, sometimes the Seeker’s grandfather.
Practical power or the power to progress, get things done, or accomplish a goal.


*Generally speaking, I do not read for health.  You may see combinations for health issues pop up once in awhile, go with your gut on this!  Key indicator cards must be present in the spread before you think about health or illness in readings.  One of these cards is the 5 (illness, disease, doctor), secondarily is the 4 (exhaustion, sickness).

Card Method from the HedgeWytch Website – For the Witch of Middle Memory

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