Diamonds are of money, wealth, means, and ends…

Ace of Diamonds

Aces are beginnings because they begin each suit…

Money.  A letter.  Something new, generally connected with finances, but not invariably.  Fire.  A diamond ring, but other cards must support that interpretation.
Traditional meaning – A letter.
Health = The nervous system, in general.

Two of Diamonds

Twos naturally suggest pairings and exchanges…

Money changing hands.  A gift.  An invitation.  Telephone call, message.
Health = Ears.

Three of Diamonds

Threes are the number of growth, the third thing produced from the union of two things…

A raise in pay, greater financial security, profits, although only a little of any of those.  A small amount of money.  A scattered mind, concentrating on many little things, so not much is accomplished in any one thing.
Health = Energy level.

Four of Diamonds

Fours remind us of the stable, unchanging solid table…

Financial stability.  A check.  A bank account.  An official document.  A license or certification. “The City”, in general.
Health = Solar plexus.

Five of Diamonds

Fives are the body because we have five appendages (arms, legs, and head)…

Eating.  Clothes.  Jewelry.  Appliances, furniture.  Shopping.
Health = Stomach.
In combination with A – Kitchen.

Six of Diamonds

Sixes are a path because the way the pips are arranged on the cards makes them look like paths… 

Distance, in general, that is, someone or something at a distance.  A car.  Steps toward a financial goal. Investments.
Health = Eyes.
In combination with A – Garage (where the car is housed).

Seven of Diamonds

Sevens are troubles because there is a blockage added to the path of the sixes as you look at the pips of the cards…

A troubled purse or financial problem.  Profits down.  The means will not reach the end sought. Clairvoyance and foretelling.  The talent of seeing and speaking true.  Psychism, in general.  *The Seven Lights.
Health = Nervous trouble.

Eight of Diamonds

Eights are ideas and thoughts in the mind because eight is traditionally the number of the mind…

Thoughts about money or finances.  Financial plans, budgeting, how to make ends meet.  Computer or other electronic (fire) media used for communication.  Electronics, in general.  Occasionally, a bank, accounting firm, financial planning firm.
Health = Throat, speech.
In combination with A – Computer or media room.

Nine of Diamonds

Nines show changes because the number nine is related to the Moon, which is ever fluctuating…

Change in financial status, usually for the better.  “Creature comforts”, finery.  A change in plans, generally. On rare occasion, fame.
Health = Nerves.

Ten of Diamonds

Tens show ends or goals achieved because they end the number sequence before a new cycle starts.  A ten is almost an ever-renewing influence, so whatever its suit, it shows that influence at a pinnacle almost continually…

Financial independence.  Enough money to get something done.  A large sum of money.  Sealing a financial deal.  Success, in general.
Health = Brain.
In combination with A – Hearth or fireplace.

Jack of Diamonds

Knaves (Jacks) as messages or a child of either gender…

A very fair youth.  A privileged youth.  A youth who is intelligent and quick.  A student, perhaps of a scholarly bent.
A message concerning money.

Queen of Diamonds

Queens are as women and truths…

A very fair woman, or one with white hair.  A woman of wealth or financial means.  A woman who is intelligent and quick.  She may be a socialite, and is generally somewhat superficial.  Like the King of Diamonds, she likes to travel and have new experiences.  A female professor.
The truth of a financial matter.

King of Diamonds

Kings are of men and power…

A very fair man, or one with white hair.  A man of wealth or financial means.  A man who is intelligent and quick, and usually sociable.  A man who is restless, always wanting to be “up and away”, and thus, a lover of travel and new experiences.  A male professor.
Financial power or the power to pay for things.

*Generally speaking, I do not read for health.  You may see combinations for health issues pop up once in awhile, go with your gut on this!  Key indicator cards must be present in the spread before you think about health or illness in readings.  One of these cards is the 5 (illness, disease, doctor), secondarily is the 4 (exhaustion, sickness).

Card Method from the HedgeWytch Website – For the Witch of Middle Memory

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