Hearts count as love, family and friends…

Ace of Hearts

Aces are beginnings because they begin each suit…

The home.  The family or a family member.  The beginning of a love affair or new friendship. Sometimes a birth or addition to the family, or a change of residence (because Aces indicate beginnings), but those interpretations are usually supported by other cards.
Traditional meaning – The home and the family.
Health = The circulatory system, in general.

*A note on Household Matters – We know that the A is the house or home, in general.  When interpreting a certain card as a household matter, generally the A must be in combination with the card or at least nearby.  The A appears in readings quite frequently, but it will not always point to a room in a house signified by an adjoining card.  You must follow your intuition here and let the cards lead you.  Thus, for the card meanings listed in combination with the A, we will simply assume that the A is in combination with them or is nearby.  As you study each card, refer back to the general meanings you know for each and you will easily begin to remember them.

Two of Hearts

Twos naturally suggest pairings and exchanges…

Love, relationship, or marriage.  Dancing.  The arts.  Harmony.
Health = Breasts.

Three of Hearts

Threes are the number of growth, the third thing produced from the union of two things…

Fertility.  A child, or children in general.  Decorating or adding beauty to something.  An emotional bond growing, little by little.  A love triangle.
Health = Iron, vitamins, nutrition.
In combination with A – Nursery or decorating (beautifying).

Four of Hearts

Fours remind us of the stable, unchanging solid table…

Emotional stability.  An even temper.  Fairness or justice.  An apartment or summer home or cottage.  In times past, but occasionally still today, a barn or outbuilding serving some function for the doings of the homestead, which is the AH.
Health = Medication.

Five of Hearts

Fives are the body because we have five appendages (arms, legs, and head)…

Good health.  The hand of friendship or a friend.  Sexual relations.  Enjoyment, entertainment in general.
Health = Genitals.
In combination with A – Master bedroom.

Six of Hearts

Sixes are a path because the way the pips are arranged on the cards makes them look like paths…

Pleasant trip, vacation, usually associated with family or friends.  Making good progress, moving ahead, the means will reach the end.  A deepening emotional bond.
Health = Blood.
In combination with A – Living room (a place to retreat and relax).

Seven of Hearts

Sevens are troubles because there is a blockage added to the path of the sixes as you look at the pips of the cards…

A troubled heart or emotional problem.  Unsettled emotions.  Dissipation of trouble, sometimes (when falling at the end of a three card draw). Religion, in general.
Health = Poor circulation.

Eight of Hearts

Eights are ideas and thoughts in the mind because eight is traditionally the number of the mind…

Thoughts about love or emotional thoughts.  A group of people celebrating.  Festive atmosphere, party, or sometimes wedding.  “Raised cups”, that is, social drinking.  Flirtatious conversation.  A social club.
Health = Arteries.
In combination with A – Dining room.

Nine of Hearts

Nines show changes because the number nine is related to the Moon, which is ever fluctuating… 

Change for the better, the Seeker’s wish will come true.  A change of heart.
Traditional meaning – The wish fulfilled, whether known or unknown!
Health = Heart.

Ten of Hearts

Tens show ends or goals achieved because they end the number sequence before a new cycle starts.  A ten is almost an ever-renewing influence, so whatever its suit, it shows that influence at a pinnacle almost continually…

Emotional security.  Pleasant and stable family life.  Unshakable marriage bond.  The spouse. Happiness, in general.  Journey by or over water. A boat or ship.  Lake, ocean or other large body of water.
Health = Body fluids.
In combination with A – Swimming pool.

Jack of Hearts

Knaves (Jacks) as messages or a child of either gender…

A youth of medium coloring.  An emotional, artistic, or dreamy youth.  Sometimes a beloved pet.  A happy-go-lucky or merrymaking youth that sometimes acts foolishly.
A message from a loved one or friend, a compliment, “thank you” or small gift to show appreciation. Being asked out on a date.

Queen of Hearts

Queens are as women and truths…

A woman of medium coloring.  An emotional woman, intuitive, and sometimes psychic.  An artistic woman. The mother or other woman in the seeker’s family, such as a sister or aunt.  A wife.  A homemaker. Whoever she is, she will have the Seeker’s welfare and best interests at heart.
The truth of an emotional matter, or in general, the truth.

King of Hearts

Kings are of men and power…

A man of medium coloring.  An emotional man, and thus one that will seek security in a relationship. An artistic man.  The father or other man in the Seeker’s family, such as a brother or uncle.  A husband.  A family man.  Whoever he is, he will have the Seeker’s welfare and best interests at heart.
Emotional power or the power to arouse feeling.

*Generally speaking, I do not read for health.  You may see combinations for health issues pop up once in awhile, go with your gut on this!  Key indicator cards must be present in the spread before you think about health or illness in readings.  One of these cards is the 5 (illness, disease, doctor), secondarily is the 4 (exhaustion, sickness).

Card Method from the HedgeWytch Website – For the Witch of Middle Memory

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