Spades are the troubles that plague every man…

Ace of Spades

Aces are beginnings because they begin each suit…

A decision, generally an important one.  A death or an ending.  A big change.
Traditional meaning – A decision, death.
Health = The skeletal system, in general.
In combination with A – Foundation of a house or cellar, the most earthen place of a home.

*A note on Death – It is possible to see the physical death of either the Seeker or a person close to the Seeker.  It is definitely not advisable to mention it, it may be best to speak of an upset with depressing circumstances surrounding it.  To predict it, you must usually see three or four of the spades close together – such as the 3♠ (loss), 5♠ (illness, disease, doctor), 7♠ (tears), 9♠ (change for the worse), or 10♠ (worry, grief) – together with the A♠.  The A♠ must be present for a death to occur.

Two of Spades

Twos naturally suggest pairings and exchanges…

Conflict.  Argument.  Inability to get along.  Separation.
Health = Teeth.

Three of Spades

Threes are the number of growth, the third thing produced from the union of two things…

Problems adding up.  Small aggravations.  Interference from a third party.  Loss, something lost.
Traditional meaning – Loss, something lost.
Health = Spine.

Four of Spades

Fours remind us of the stable, unchanging solid table…

Instability.  An uneven temper.  A problem that you cannot solve or get away from (it hems you in at all four corners).  Exhaustion because of steady pressure against you.  “Sick and tired” of it all.  Unfairness or injustice.  A parking ticket or speeding ticket.  A summons, lawsuit, or court of law. The Armed Forces, in general.
Health = Exhaustion.
In combination with A – Bedroom (a place to retreat to when exhausted).

Five of Spades

Fives are the body because we have five appendages (arms, legs, and head)…

Illness, disease.  A doctor.  Drugs, alcoholism, addiction.  Taking on more than you can handle.
Health = Ill health.

Six of Spades

Sixes are a path because the way the pips are arranged on the cards makes them look like paths… 

Walking away from or abandoning something.  Cleaning up your life, getting rid of things.  Wrong choice, headed in the wrong direction.  Difficulties while traveling, an ill-advised journey, or a journey from which no profit comes.  Running with the wrong crowd.
Health = Elimination system.
In combination with A – Bathroom.

Seven of Spades

Sevens are troubles because there is a blockage added to the path of the sixes as you look at the pips of the cards…

Double trouble.  Tears.  Mystery or a secret, something hidden.  Investigation.  Rarely, a curse or hex.
Traditional meaning – Tears.
Health = Examination, investigation, diagnosis, doctor.

Eight of Spades

Eights are ideas and thoughts in the mind because eight is traditionally the number of the mind…

Negative thoughts or attitude.  Oppression or feeling oppressed.  A “poisoned atmosphere”.  Gossip, rumors.  War, or conflict involving groups of people.  A gang, organized crime, or unruly mob.
Health = Infection.

Nine of Spades

Nines show changes because the number nine is related to the Moon, which is ever fluctuating…

Change for the worse.  The Seeker’s wish will not come true.  Disappointment.  Injury.
Traditional meaning – Wish denied.
Health = Surgery, improvement if followed by ♥ or ♦.

Ten of Spades

Tens show ends or goals achieved because they end the number sequence before a new cycle starts.  A ten is almost an ever-renewing influence, so whatever its suit, it shows that influence at a pinnacle almost continually…

A great deal of trouble, worry.  Evil, violence, grief.  Great force.  Failure, in general.  Journey by land.
Traditional meaning – Worry.
Health = Bone, or a very serious illness.
In combination with A – Floor.

Jack of Spades

Knaves (Jacks) as messages or a child of either gender…

A youth of very dark coloring.  An untrustworthy youth or one ill-disposed toward the Seeker.  A lonely or depressed youth.  A youth in trouble.  A deceased spirit, in general.
A message containing bad news.

Queen of Spades

Queens are as women and truths…

A woman of very dark coloring.  A widow or divorced woman.  An enemy, or woman ill-disposed toward the Seeker.  A lonely or depressed woman.  A woman of great authority, such as a police officer, judge, or in the military.  A female witch.  A human female, deceased.
An unpleasant truth, or in general, a lie.
Traditional meaning – A divorced woman.

King of Spades

Kings are of men and power…

A man of very dark coloring.  A widower or divorced man.  An enemy, or man ill-disposed toward the Seeker.  A lonely or depressed man.  A man of great authority, such as a police officer, judge, or military man. A male witch.  A human male, deceased.
The power to teach others a lesson, to hinder, to do harm or evil, or to know and play one’s part in Fate’s pattern.
Traditional meaning – A divorced man.

*Generally speaking, I do not read for health.  You may see combinations for health issues pop up once in awhile, go with your gut on this!  Key indicator cards must be present in the spread before you think about health or illness in readings.  One of these cards is the 5 (illness, disease, doctor), secondarily is the 4 (exhaustion, sickness).

Card Method from the HedgeWytch Website – For the Witch of Middle Memory

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