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Troubled Changes — Wee Daily Three

The cards speak of terrible tidings today, I pray that they are wrong!


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

B, R, B – A temporary truce or respite.  Don’t let your guard down, appearances can be deceiving.

Rule 2 – Suits:

S, H, S – A troubled (S, S) heart (H).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

9, 3, A – Changes (9), Things Growing (3), Beginnings (A)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

9 of Spades – Changes for the worse; The Client’s wish will not come true; Disappointment; Injury

3 of Hearts – Fertility; A child or children in general; Decorating or adding beauty to something; An emotional bond growing, little by little; A love triangle

A of Spades – A decision, generally an important one; A death or an ending; A big change


Troubled changes (9S) with a child (3H) will require that an important decision (AS) be made.

The AS coupled with a 9 of any suit speaks of drastic changes, with the suit speaking more clearly to the area of change.  As you can see, the cards can be divined in many ways, some I prefer not to put in writing… only today’s events will tell the whole story.

On My Toes — Wee Daily Three

I have been thinking a lot lately about going back to school to further my education; there are many choices and directions to choose from.  Looks like I’d better be on my toes and research my options carefully…


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

B, B, B – Beset with troubles and problems.

Rule 2 – Suits:

C, S, C – A problem (S) is overcome (C) at work or on a personal (C) project.

Rule 3 – Numerology:

A, 6, 6 – Beginnings (A), Paths (6), Paths (6)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

A of Clubs – A new duty, task, or opportunity

6 of Spades – Walking away or abandoning something; Cleaning up your life, getting rid of things; Wrong choice, headed in the wrong direction; Difficulties while traveling, an ill-advised journey, or a journey from which no profit comes; Running with the wrong crowd

6 of Clubs – Business trip; Steps toward a business goal; Education, learning, teaching; Reading, books


A new opportunity (AC) must be researched thoroughly (6C) to avoid heading in the wrong direction (6S).

Worries — Wee Daily Three

Today’s pull show worries or a fear of failure over new job opportunities…


Rule 1 – Red is good and Black is bad:

B, R, B – A temporary truce or rest.  Do not let down your guard, appearances can be deceiving.

Rule 2 – Suits:

C, D, S – Working yourself into a financial problem.

Rule 3 – Numerology:

A, 10, 10 – Beginnings (A), Ends (10), Ends (10)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

A of Clubs – A new duty, task, goal or opportunity

10 of Diamonds – Financial independence; A great deal of money; Sealing a financial deal; Success in general

10 of Spades – A great deal of worry, trouble; Evil, violence, grief; Failure in general


A great deal of worry or fear of failure (10S) concerning new job opportunities (AC) that offer a large increase in pay (10D).  These fears need to be addressed before sabotaging the new opportunity. The 10S has the affect of ruining all the other cards in the draw.

Another way of looking at this pull is an opportunity (AC) to travel out of state (10D, 10S).  I am driving out of state next weekend to visit family!


Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for joining me on my journey of spiritual enlightenment.  My name is Valentina and I am a working wife, mom, animal devotee and lover of all things spiritual and beautiful.  I grew up in a deeply religious home with a Mother that celebrated and embraced the deeper mysteries of the world and life.  I think that we shared a past lifetime together as Rom women traveling through Eastern Europe peddling fortunes “whenever and wherever” to quote the enchanting Shakira!

This is my first foray into blogging, so please be patient with me as I bumble my way through this.  My intentions with this project it not only to journal my experiences, but to share with you as so many others have shared with me!  My hope is that we can all travel together — hand in hand — if only for a short while.

Some of the things I am currently enjoying / exploring are meditation, cartomancy with playing cards (thus the blog name!), clairvoyance and her lovely sisters (clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, etc…), reiki, yoga and energy healing.  I am totally and completely self-taught, so please keep that in mind when reading future posts!  A lot of the information I’ve gathered comes from various sources and I will always link-back and give credit where credit is due to the best of my ability.