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What Falls to the Floor… – Readings

What do you do when cards fall to the floor while you are shuffling the deck?  Do you tuck them back into your deck and go about your task?  Do you stop and consider which cards have slipped out of your hands before your very eyes?  I was taught that what “falls to the floor comes to your door.”  I think of it as an assertion of the message, maybe not the entire message but a definite and important part of the reading.

Perhaps the fallen cards can lend some depth on a daily three or add the dimension of mood or time to an event or happenstance.  Some readers even consider if the cards have fallen far or near, or face up or face down.  I have learned to set the cards aside and weave them in as the reading calls; they will often add a detail that was a surprise to both you and the Querent.

Tasks Piling Up — Wee Daily Three

Today’s wee daily three is reminding me to “back away from the cards” and get back to work!


Rule 1 – Red if good and Black is bad:

R, B, B – A fair beginning steadily worsens and turns foul.

Rule 2 – Suits:

H, S, C – An emotional problem that you will work yourself out of, but slowly.

Rule 3 – Numerology:

Q, 6, 10 – Women and/or Truths (Q), Paths (6), Ends (10)

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

Q of Hearts – A woman of medium coloring or an emotional or artistic woman; The truth of an emotional matter, or in general, the truth

6 of Spades – Walking away or abandoning something; Cleaning up your life; Getting rid of things; Wrong choice; On the wrong path

10 of Clubs – A great deal of work to do; Work piling up; The completion of a practical project; Achievement, in general; Journey by air


I (QH) have a lot of cleaning up (6S) and tasks to attend (10C) to today.  I returned late last night from a short trip with my family out of state, so yes, there is laundry, grocery shopping, etc… all those little things to take care of today!  

I don’t know about you, but after awhile you will start to see a language develop between you and your cards.  Some days they speak to me more clearly than others.  An example of this is when the 10 of Clubs popped out of the deck whilst I was shuffling… I always see this as a sign of “listen up” …you need to pay attention to this!  Also, I pulled the Queen of Hearts which usually indicates “me” in the reading.  So I am definitely getting the message about putting up the cards and getting back to the tasks at hand today.