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Transitions in Meditation

I have been meditating regularly for quite some time.  Years, actually.  Not always the same way, but always attempting, non-the-less.  I started out with binaural beats and guided and have recently started to incorporate silent meditation into my practice.  This was, and still is, very difficult for me; quieting the mind can be challenging at times.  My usual schedule is to do a guided meditation at lunch after a quick yoga session then a silent meditation in the evening after prayers and retiring to bed.  I usually go to sleep after my family, so it is nice and peaceful in the house!

Well, I don’t know what has happened… but something broke loose in my head last night!  I have been feeling the energy cycling through my body, twitching, experienced unwanted weight loss, a high-pitched humming in my ears, and a constant low-grade headache, but attributed it all to stress.  After last night’s meditation, I don’t think that I can view these happenings within a vacuum anymore!  I’d said my evening prayers and was preparing for meditation when the twitching began… usually it was isolated to my right eye-brow.  It had been twitching for weeks and was driving me crazy!  Not this time, it was actually originating from inside of my forehead.  It wasn’t an external or muscular feeling. It was the strangest thing, as if I had an electrical current buzzing inside of my brain.  It was quite intense, it didn’t hurt, it didn’t alarm me.  I just thanked Spirit, accepted this gift, came out of the meditation and drifted off to sleep.

Now today, as I was doing my guided meditation, I saw two very distinct and beautiful images.  One was a vivid pink flower, open and accepting of the sun’s rays.  The other image was of a radiant sunbeam breaking through a cloud covered sky.  I’m not sure what these images mean, I am following Lydia Clar‘s guided meditation series, “Out of Darkness Into Light” and noted everything down as well as times per her recommendations.  I can’t help but be very excited about these transitions I am going through.  Meditation for spiritual development is a new journey for me, one I stumbled upon quite by accident, but I am within her grips now!  Have you ever experienced anything like this?  Thought you were going crazy?  Maybe not!

*Update 7/19 – In last night’s silent meditation I had a vision of a light gray / silvery feather float down from the sky, it landed gently in my hand.  I don’t know what they symbolism is behind this… or what the message is.  A gift from Spirit?  A message that I am on the right path?  Any takers?  I haven’t really had visions in meditation before, so this is exciting!

Subliminal Meditation and Brainwave Technology

My first experience with meditation began with subliminal meditation and brainwave technology.  It was 2010 and I was at my wits’ end trying to lose the last bits of baby weight after my son was born.  It had been a year and I still had 15 to 20 lbs to lose!  Nothing worked for me, I was running in the cruel North Carolina heat, counting every calorie, drinking meal-replacement shakes, calorie cycling, you name it – I tried it!  I was really frustrated and feeling overwhelmed.  On a whim, I looked up hypnosis and a few more clicks down the rabbit-hole I stumbled upon Kelly Howell’s BrainSync website.  I remembered that a co-worker had successfully used some of her guided meditations to overcome complications from a surgery that caused more problems than it fixed.

So I downloaded a Weight Loss meditation in mp3 format, plugged in my headphones and never looked back!  Every evening I would put my son to bed then turn on my iPod and listen to the soothing music, I couldn’t hear any of the spoken messages, while my husband read.  It actually became a nice routine; helping me to unwind from my day before turning in for the night.  I honestly don’t know how to explain it, but within six months, I was able to lose 30 lbs.  I went from a size 10 to a size six.  That was two years ago and I’ve still managed to keep the weight off.  I occasionally listen to that meditation to make sure the message is sticking in my head…  so far, so good!

I have downloaded many other subliminal meditations, guided meditations, and vibrational healing meditations using brainwave and isochronic technology to varying degrees of like/ dislike/ success. It is really only this year that I have started to explore silent meditation where I (try to) clear my mind and focus on breathing, and what a wonderful new world that is opening up to me!  I will write more about these experiences in upcoming posts.  I guess if there is any one message in this post, it is that I believe in the power of meditation.  It works, and this is coming from someone who (at the time) didn’t know the difference between a chakra and a grassy plain in Jaipur.

“…knock and the door will be opened to you.” ~Matthew 7:7