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An Argument about Finances — Wee Daily Three

I thought that I would try today’s draw in the form of a worksheet.  I used to write every reading out like this, it really helped me to tie everything together.  After awhile, you will find that you don’t need to do this anymore because your intuition kicks in and the messages start to flow through automatically.

Wee Daily Three Worksheet



Rule 1* – Red is good and Black is Bad:

R, B, B – A fair beginning steadily worsens and turns foul.

Rule 2 – Suits:

D, S, S – Finances (D) are moving in the wrong direction (S) and goals feel out of reach (S).

Rule 3 – Numerology:

K, 3, 2 – Men or Power (K), Growing things (3), Exchanges (2).

Rule 4 – Card Definitions:

K of Diamonds – Man of wealth; The power of finances, to pay for things

3 of Spades – Loss, Problems adding up

2 of Spades – Arguments; Separation; Conflict


This one is pretty clean cut, an argument (2S) with my husband (KD) about the state (3S) of our finances (KD).  I did find out this morning that I over-payed a few utilities (oops, it happens).. not that big of a deal.  He won’t be too upset, I don’t think!!

*These rules are based on the HedgeWytch Method found archived here.  The original website in no longer up, this is the best I could find!

Card Reading with Training Wheels

Memorizing 52 card meanings is hard.  Especially if you have other things going on in your life, or are sleep-deprived, have a full-time job, a family to feed and care for, you get the idea!

When I first started reading cards back in the day, I would write a few words lightly on each card just to get my head wrapped around all of the definitions and meanings.  So when I returned to cartomancy after a long hiatus, I had to start all over again relearning definitions.  I tried to remember them the way that I was taught, but the book that I had read to tatters so many years ago was long gone along with its secrets.  So, I wrote down everything that I could remember and started looking at other systems that felt familiar to me.  It’s funny how after doing a few readings, things came back and new meanings synthesized in to create a whole new system that is entirely mine.  I really feel that this is the best way to start with and develop a deeply personal metaphysical tool that speaks to you.

So pick up an extra deck of playing cards, address labels if you are having a hard time writing on the newer plastic surfaces, a sharpie marker, and you are on your way!  I also recommend keeping a notebook with a page or two dedicated to each card. You can write down meanings as they evolve and even keep track of how readings play out to really see how the cards speak to you.  I’ve included a picture of my journal, as you can see it isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done!  One other thing to keep in mind, every few days, do a few readings without your “training-wheels” deck … you will want to ensure that you are progressing and not relying on the hard and fast definitions.  The overall idea is to just memorize enough of the meanings to get your intuition going.

If you have a lot going on in your day like I do, you will find yourself picking up your cartomancy system faster than ever!  Thanks for reading!