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We Still Have Work to Do — Wee Daily Three

Today’s draw tells me that we still have a little work to do to overcome yesterday’s issues.

General Meanings:

6 of Clubs – Business trip or goal; Education (learning, reading, teaching, etc.)

7 of Spades – Trouble; Tears

3 of Hearts – A child; Fertility

My first reaction when turning these little darlings over this morning was, “Uffda, a 7 of Spades!”  But I will cover more of that little bit-o-sunshine (not) in a minute.


Today’s wee daily three suggests to me that we still have a little bit of work to do and steps to take (6 of Clubs) to accomplish our goal with our toddler’s (3 of Hearts) potty training.  And although the problem will be solved rather easily (3 of hearts ends the trio) it won’t be for a lack of tears and frustration (7 of Spades).

Not so horribly bad after all!  Now let’s talk about my first impression with the 7 of Spades.  In most cartomancy systems, this card means bad luck or a loss, or something else on the terrible-spectrum.  I couldn’t agree more.  Not only are we talking about the mystical power of 7, which can mostly represent troubles in my book; but the suit of Spades, which are generally limitations, troubles, and set-backs.  So it can be a little bit of a double-whammy when it shows up in a reading. The good part, and light at the end of the tunnel, is that the 7S is covered by the 3H, a sweet card of loveliness and beauty.

So all’s well that ends well!

Another last note, when I see the same card showing up again and again in readings or daily draws, it tells me that the original issue is still unresolved.  Some folks disagree with me on this and read every draw as a new day.  You may have an entirely different take, if so please let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear your feedback!

An Unpleasant Conversation — Wee Daily Three

Let’s just say that I like to stay mundane in my daily draws, never have I had the experience of a major epiphany with the pulling of the “wee daily three”.

And today’s draw is certainly no different, so let’s jump in!*

These cards are reinforcing an issue that my husband and I have been dealing with for months, the attempts to potty train our toddler.

General Meanings:

Q of Spades – A woman of dark coloring or in a position of authority; A message that is hard to accept, A lie

3 of Hearts – A child; Fertility

9 of Diamonds – Financial change for the better; A change in plans


My first impression is that the somewhat emotional situation with potty training is past the sticking point and that progress will continue and steadily improve.  Yesterday I had an unpleasant conversation with my son’s babysitter (Q of Spades) about how I baby him (3 of Hearts) too much and that this is the reason he is not consistent with his bathroom habits.  Ouch!  She made a few suggestions and changes (9 of Diamonds) to my game-plan that should, hopefully, get him on track for potty training success.

Let me explain a little more about the overall feel of the draw.  I don’t look immediately to the definitions of the cards to answer my question. Firstly, I look at their colors, their suits, and their meanings in numerology.  Secondly, I look at the progression of the draw.  Time moves from left to right; the first card drawn indicates the situation at hand or the recent past, the middle card is now, and the last card (as the most important card in this type of draw) indicates the outcome, where you are headed as a result of the first two cards.  This is not really the way that I was taught to read cards as a child, although I have blended a lot of that older system in with the newer systems I’ve been reading about online and in various books.

Keeping all of this in mind, let’s look at the cards again.  Initially, red is good and black is bad.  This isn’t always set in stone, but we’ll talk more about that at a later time.  For now, we are seeing black (QS) move to red (3H, 9D) which indicates that the problem is behind us and we are now progressing ahead.  We also see the suit of Spades (troubles) move to Hearts (emotions) and on to Diamonds (success) indicating that an emotional issue will be successfully overcome. Lastly, we string it all together to get the outcome I’ve posted above. So even if the definition of the individual card stumps you or doesn’t quite make sense, look to the colors, the suit meanings and the progression from left to right.  Another item worth pointing out is that the Q of Spades in my deck (not the picture above) is looking at the 3 of Hearts which indicates a message delivered out of love and concern for the child.  Thus the other meanings for the Q of Spades as “an enemy, a lie, etc…” just don’t speak to me on today’s pull.

You may see something else in the cards, if so please comment!  I would love to hear other opinions and suggestions.  There are so many different meanings and systems out there, and most contradict each other!  The most import thing to remember if trying to learn a card reading system is to pick one that resonates with you and STICK to it! You can always evolve your system as you become more comfortable with reading in general.

I highly recommend reading Kapherus’ Blog at  The Art of Cartomancy, Regina Russell’s Card Reader’s Handbook, and The Cottage of HedgeWytch if you can find it somewhere online.  The author, Dawn Jackson, had a wonderful site up at one time but has since taken it down.  The rumor in cartomancy and tarot forums is that a book is to be published on the HedgeWytch Method, thus the absence of the material from the greater World Wide Web.

*Images in this post were created by David Bellot and free for use under the Creative Commons License.